Posted by: plbh88 | 10/06/2010

Balloon dogs at Versailles

Because some dogs are still allowed inside Versailles, and also just because I think that this is funny….

Although not without major controversy in the art history and museum word, the recent exhibition of American artist Jeff Koon’s work at Versailles (at the behest of the current president of Versailles, whose tenure was just extended. He has a thing for inviting contemporary artists to set up shop beside the likes of Charles Le Brun and André Le Nôtre at Versailles to make things that, if they were alive, Louis XIV or Marie-Antoinette would have liked and that give modern “relevance” to the château…) did, if unintentionally, evoke the presence of dogs at court. “Balloon Dog”, a metal sculpture painted red that resembles a balloon animal, was displayed in the Salon d’Hercule in 2008. I still think that this is ridiculous…people would be up in arms if a baroque or rococo painting were installed at MOMA or at the Centre Pompidou. If you think this is bad, imagine the sculptures by Koons of Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee or of a bouquet entitled “Sex”, also installed at Versailles. The prince de Bourbon-Parme even petitioned the French Council of State (Conseil d’Etat) to ban the exhibit, citing it as “pornographic” and a profanation of the château. Food for thought.



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