Posted by: plbh88 | 26/07/2010

Research updates/personal reminders to myself

Coming soon to a blog near you- what I found at the National Archives and BnF in Paris on the royal kennels and staff at Versailles, field trip to the surviving eighteenth-century kennels at Chantilly, and more findings at the research centers of Versailles and Marly.

Later for this week and the next- trips to the Musée international de la Chasse in Gien, the Musée de la Vénerie of Senlis, Fontainebleau (I visited Compiègne before beginning this blog, and I didn’t get the chance to see the dog portraits by Desportes and Oudry at Fontainebleau for very long since I was on a field trip for another course), possibly the surviving kennels of the marquis de Louvois at Meudon and early-eighteenth cynegetic décor at the communs of the château of Bercy, wrap up research at the Sorbonne libraries, the Archives, and the Louvre.

Then I’ll be in Corrèze for a cousin’s wedding, three days to pack my life up (fortunately a lot of it was shipped back today), and aux States on the 11 of August!

Plan of the kennels of Versailles, 1680

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